Sunday, November 20, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake Wedding

I was recently flipping channels and came across TLC's DC Cupcakes.  DC Cupcakes is as you guessed based in Washington D.C.   It takes place at Georgetown Cupcake, which is famous for their cupcakes and lines around the corner in Georgetown in D.C.  Since I'm from the area, I have been to Georgetown Cupcake numerous times, bought cupcakes for birthdays and gone when out of state guests are in town.  However with that being said, I'm not a HUGE cupcake person... I kinda feel that most cupcakes are overrated, but a cupcake is a cupcake and its still tasty whether or not you are into the whole cupcake fad or not.  Well with the height of the cupcake fad, came out DC cupcakes featuring Georgetown Cupcake's sister owners, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis. 

When you're plannning your wedding, anything wedding peaks my interest, so although I've never watched DC cupcakes before, a wedding episode will surely suck me in.   Katherine gets married at the San Ysidro ranch in Montecito, California, which is beyond gorgeous and a fabulous affair with the most amazing cupcake wedding cake I have ever laid eyes on - 9 feet tall and made of 5,000 cupcakes!  Her wedding was an absolutely gorgeous elegant affair.  She walked down the aisle in a beautiful Vera Wang gown, which waas a little too tight on her wedding day.  It was rumored that she passed out before walking down the aisle because it was too tight. She unzipped the back when she walked down the aisle. 

What are your thoughts on this wedding? 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Running with the Brides

 I went to Running of the Brides, D.C. edition, a couple of weeks ago! It was totally crazy just as they depict it on T.V. and youtube.  Here is what I learned from my experience.

1. This event is more about luck than anything else!  The right dress needs to come to you whether you're spotting it on another bride or you find it through a trade or on a rack in the store.

2.  You do not need to camp overnight for this event, you can for the fun and experience of it! We went at 6:30AM and I think that was just fine to participate in the experience of Running of the Brides. Radio stations were giving out doughnuts, as well as vendors were there trying to solicit you. If you even get there after 10A.M once everything is dying down, all the dresses are going back up on the racks, that might be even better.

3.  Definitely go with at least 2 other people, the more people the better. It worked out for me with my cousin and a friend. Each of us grabbed a handful of dresses (they are HEAVY) and then once we found a spot, we each took turns going around looking for some trades in the size we needed. 

4.  Once you get inside, run and grab as many dresses as you can.  You will need them for trading. You go around and ask people to trade for what you need.

5.  Find someone with a similar size so you can swap dresses with that person

6. There aren't that many small sizes, so if you are 0-4, you're pretty much out of luck.  I think I found only a handful of those and many were not the style I was looking for.  I noticed there were a lot of 8-12 sizes, so if you are in that range, it would be perfect! Of course you can always alter your dress

7. These are sample dresses so some of them aren't perfect! You can find missing beads, undone threads, etc.

8. I would recommend wearing a light tank top and leggings since you pretty much change in front of a lot of people so you wanna get in and out of a dress, but not completely expose yourself

9. It's great to have something in mind, but at the same time, if you are too specific in what you want, this event is NOT for you since they have pretty limited styles and sizes

10.  I found that mirrors were easy to be found and used... I have read in other forums, that you should bring your own mirror, but personally I felt it to be unnecessary!

11.  Making signs are all fun and all, but no one really reads them! When we got there, we were given some signs we could write on with our sizes, but I rarely looked at anyone else's and pretty much just went around talking to people to find out what they had

12.  Are you ready for the crowds, the madness and the mess? If you are, continue on and if not, I would say try something else! 

Even if you don't find your dress, have fun! As I said before, It's all about LUCK! 

My friend hauling a bunch of dresses for me
My team, we dressed in red to coordinate! We weren't as hardcore as other teams with matching t-shirts and chants.

At the end of the day, I actually did not find THE dress.  I felt that it was way too chaotic. There were not many smaller sizes and the ones they had were not the designs I liked.  I didn't go into hoping for much so I wasn't that disappointed. It was a fun experience all in all, but although I do LOVE a bargain, this wasn't an event I would go to again.  I think there is something about the experience of going to boutique and trying on your dress calmly, seeing your dress looking so beautiful instead of being disheveled around. Definitely an event that is not for everyone.  

What are your thoughts? Have you gone to Running of the Brides? 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inception Reception

I loveeee watching wedding videos! The highlights short clips one... not the 5 hour long video that my parents love watching. This is by far, the best, most creative wedding video I have seen! I don't think I'll be able to afford a helicopter to bring me to my wedding reception, but a girl can dream! Enjoy!

INCEPTION / RECEPTION from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

Do you guys have a favorite wedding video that you've seen or got a great idea/theme for a wedding video? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here comes the dress!

The first thing most brides think of is... THE DRESS! Of course I would LOVE a Vera Wang or a Monique Lhuillier design, but my budget isn't 10k for a dress! My friend who is also engaged at the same time showed me a few of the dresses she tried on already.. I think I need to start trying on dresses too! I'm such a lazy planner. I love looking at dresses online.

 Here are some I think are pretty from the Watters and Wtoo collection. I'm not too sure what I want my style to be yet.. maybe a fit and flare with a sweet heart neck.

I love this the wow factor from this dress...I'm not sure if I would actually choose this dress, but I definitely would love to try it on.  Its got a beautiful bodice and ruffled skirt is amazing, maybe a little too much, but def glam

This one is so sweet.. love the detailing of the skirt
This has a pretty beaded and embroidered bodice top and a full ball gown skirt

This was my momma's pick.. she goes thats a crumb catcher top. I'm like what!? I read the description, she knows more than I do!
Love the silhouette.. simple yet not

Which dress do you like best or what styles do you like?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crepe flower

I've definitely been thinking a lot about DIY projects while I have some time on my hands.  There are tons of great blogs and websites out there with great ideas and even how-to's.  This one I came across and I thought how cute, simple and budget friendly! Making a cute little flower out of streamer paper. More instructions at Martha Stewart Weddings

Friday, September 23, 2011

Engaged... now, what!?

I want to say I've gotten recently engaged, but I cannot believe how fast the time has flown since that memorial day weekend! I've decided that with my love of blogging, the inspiration from various bridal blogs and the slim amount of information I've seen about Asian weddings, it was a perfect opportunity to chronicle my year of planning.

My dilemma as an Asian American bride.... having that 'dream' wedding, but also making my uber traditional parents happy.  Everyone says don't forget that its your day, but honestly a wedding is a time when both families come together so as much as it is mine, is it also theirs. With my mom so excited, happy to readily input her own personal opinions and keep things traditional, I really couldn't take that away from her. The compromise for me, figuring out how to do things traditional with a twist.

Please follow me on my journey of wedding planning galore - a traditional modern affair to incorporate my own personal wedding flair and keeping Chinese traditions

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